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Our professional IT consultancy firm is constituted of first-rate IT consultants, to provide the best suitable solutions to all business sectors, covering small and medium-sized organizations. Our main target is to create such a pathway for businesses and organizations, where they can work more effectively and competently with the use of professional IT consultancy. For many years now, we are in business, and the newly established appearance is only the difference. So, we understand that our clients want profitable and unique Information Technology solutions, and because we entirely know the inside-out of the business we can faithfully promise to serve you the best.

Why BAS For IT Consultancy?

In today’s fast-paced world, several medium and small sized business organizations are opposing tough challenging competitions from huge enterprises. With this, every business entrepreneur desires to reach the peak of success. However, in order to achieve such success level, business entrepreneurs today are increasingly opting to take services from IT consultants, who promise them to unveil all technical assistance and support that will ensure better efficiency as well as profitability. Doubtlessly, several small as well as large business organizations are hiring consultancy services regarding Information Technology.

Services gained from our IT consultancy firm very efficiently and technically, caters to all computer systems and IT involving necessities of the clients. Moreover, together with assistance provided by our web development consultants, we have settled our prospective to deliver high grade solutions and services, which will ultimately play an integral role to boost up your business activities. With us, you industry grows professionally.

A Short Rundown of Services Provided By Our Specialized IT consultants:

-Web hosting & Web designing Simplified by our web development consultants
-Management of software development
-Database Supervision and expansion
-System and Network Engineering Solutions

The above mentioned services are just a brief note to justify our high quality services, which will drag your business to fresh and improved cutting-edge solutions. No doubt,Information Technology is changing phase everyday; with this don’t you think your business requires additional guidance to keep up? Feel free to browse and learn more about our exclusive services.


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Featured Products

Training Environment:



Basic Plan : $40   per month


Silver Plan: $50  per month


Gold Plan: $60  per month



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Web hosting Packages



Basic Hosting Plan : $5.99/mo


Silver Hosting Plan: $7.99/mo  


Gold Hosting Plan: $9.99/mo 

Additional web hosting options:



  • Reseller Design
  • Business Email Solutions
  • Ecommerce Web Hosting
  • Accounting Software Hosting