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New Contract Signed

BAS and Converged Solutions finalized a labor agreement Wednesday August 21, 2013 which will last for 6 weeks.

The new contract gives BAS provide DNS Architecture jobs for its Federal contract at US Courts. 


The duties & Responsibilities of BAS include:


• Design/document/implement DNS solution
• Add/remove/modify to DNS record/domains
• Configure Bind based DNS server
• Perform DNS statistics analysis and subsequent tuning to maintain a stable DNS environment
• Design, Implement and maintain InfoBlox Grid for internal and external domain name service supporting over 30,000 users at over 650 locations. 
• Support for both IPv4 and IPv6 DNS infrastructure
• Design and lead implementation of updated best practice based F5 architecture 
• Analyze existing F5 implementation to determine current solution usage and needs for updated architecture
• Document all F5 configuration changes
• Understand current security architecture to determine how Big-IP security modules would work in conjunction with existing security tools
• Provide operational support for the F5 environment
• Create and manage a single, unified DNS Grid to distribute global configuration data and updates, monitor operations, and synchronize changes back into the central database.
• Work with various cross functional team to design, implement and execute a solution.
• Review the features of the products and try to coordinate with third party vendors to enhance the product value.
• Execute day to day routines to keep the systems up and running.
• All other duties as assigned






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