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New Training Package Is Now Available

BAS offers a reliable real world environment setup for every technology you want to train on. Whether you are experienced IT professionals looking to advance your skills, or beginners who have never turned on a computer, BA will setup and environment where you plan on and advances your expertise to production level. We mold yourself to the current industry needs.

We work in conjunction with training provider who offers industry based training by certified engineers. Our Training environment is 100% looks production which give you hands on experience.


Tell us what environment you want and we will provide you immediately. What makes us special is our strategy. We tour you through our environment comparing with the production environment so that you pick your choice. We guarantee you; you will feel you are working for a company. At the end of 3 months we will set you to visit our data centers where real servers located.  We believe in 4 months you are ready for market. To start with, we provide the following environments.


Our Training Environment is 100% looks production which give you hands on experience. Try it!


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Featured Products

Training Environment:



Basic Plan : $40   per month


Silver Plan: $50  per month


Gold Plan: $60  per month



Recommend others friends and get 20% commission!


Web hosting Packages



Basic Hosting Plan : $5.99/mo


Silver Hosting Plan: $7.99/mo  


Gold Hosting Plan: $9.99/mo 

Additional web hosting options:



  • Reseller Design
  • Business Email Solutions
  • Ecommerce Web Hosting
  • Accounting Software Hosting